Tips to Correctly Store your Leather Jackets

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Leather jackets can add a spark to your wardrobe that is unmatched by any other sort of winter coats or clothing. It is very versatile and can go with any form of dressing, and it has and most likely always will be in fashion. You can add a shot of coolness to your outfits with a leather jacket, and almost all of us have a leather jacket that we treasure.

However, they come at a hefty cost. Moreover, they are very difficult to take care of as they are unlike your usual fabrics. It takes a lot of caring for your leather jacket to keep its texture, color, and fancy touch.

At the same time, you can make the best of the money you spend on it by maintaining it properly. Leather can degrade over time, but you can keep that jacket at its prime state by making sure it is taken care of properly. This way, it could last you a lifetime. When the weather gets warmer, you’ll need to store it properly so that the leather stays supple. There are a couple of ways to store your jackets, but here are five tips to store them correctly.

1. Clean it Before you Store it

Before you put that jacket away in storage, it is important to clean it properly to get rid of any nasty stains that you may have on it. The stains get harder to remove over time, and they degrade the leather quality if kept on.

You can treat minor stains with a detergent solution in water and a cloth, by dampening the cloth in the solution and rubbing the stains, or you can take it to a professional. Moreover, simply cleaning it with water can also be useful as it removes the dust and gives your jacket a nice, shining look to put it away for a long time.

2. Stuff the Insides of your Jacket with Acid-free Paper

Leather is a sensitive material. You have to be careful of what you put inside the pockets because acidic and corrosive substances can cause damage to the leather of your jacket. Using acid-free paper protects your clothing from unwanted dirt, dust, and moisture.

This also makes sure that the jacket keeps its proper shape. Simply put acid-paper in the insides of your leather jacket, and then close all buttons and zippers. This protects it from all acidic harm and keeps the leather healthy when storing.

3. Take Care of Climate Conditions

Any exposure to heat or sunlight for a prolonged period can destroy the quality of your leather jacket. Moisture is also harmful to the jacket, as it can make the leather weak and lose its grace. For this reason, you need to take good care of the climate conditions in which you store your leather jacket.

It is recommended to keep it in a cool, dry place, as the label on your jacket would usually mention. Keep it in a dark place and make sure that the area is not hot and humid. Typically, it is suggested to store in your bedroom closet at room temperature and humidity levels of no more than 50%. In case your room is too humid, use a dehumidifier. 

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4. Wide Hangers are Best

You have to use wide hangers to store your leather jacket. This choice may vary depending on your leather piece, however; specifically for leather jackets, you need a large hanger so that the shoulders are properly supported. Otherwise, the jacket may hang low and get misshaped.

Hang it properly on a wooden hanger, in a large space. Make sure that the area is not cramped. Leather also needs room to breathe, just like us humans. Moreover, some people tend to fold leather jackets when storing them. This is wrong because folding can form annoying creases on the jacket that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Also, make sure that you use a sturdy wooden hanger because it needs to be able to support the weight of the jacket. A weak wired hanger will do you no good.

5. Use a Good Leather Conditioner

Finally, you must use a good leather conditioner before storing your jacket. This keeps the leather fresh and retains moisture on the jacket, which is harmful as mentioned previously.

According to experts, conditioning the jacket every three to six months can effectively preserve the leather quality by removing dirt, debris, and stains. All you need a cotton swab to apply the conditioner, and you can safely store it to maintain the fresh new jacket look forever. It’s that easy!

Final Notes

One last important tip would be to wrap your jacket in a breathable fabric. This can help keep your jacket healthy, clean, and supple. It may also protect your jacket from dust particles. You can use a clean old white bed sheet, a garment bag, or a bag with netting. Avoid using plastic, however, because it will dry out the leather.

Other than this, you should also consider the storage tips given by the manufacturer on the label. There have been cases where people do everything to take proper care of their jackets, but they still seem to get worn out because they don’t follow the instructions provided.

You need to take your jacket out of storage for a few hours, as leather products need a certain amount of air to last. This can also increase their lifespan. Simply air them out for a couple of occasions during the storing process, so you can safely enjoy their stylish outlook for as long as possible.

Storing your jacket properly may seem to be a little troublesome, as it requires a lot of effort to follow the proper procedure to maintain their quality. However, it will pay off because leather products can easily last you for life. Hopefully, these tips can help you preserve your leather product and make the best of what you spend. 

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