Discover our remarkable collection of leather jackets, meticulously crafted from genuine sheep leather. Bringing together the essence of modernity and style, our jackets are designed to adapt to your ever-changing moods. With classic silhouettes reinvented through attention to detail, they effortlessly blend into formal and casual outfits.

Whether you’re aiming for a formal look or seeking to embrace your inner rockstar, our jackets will exceed your expectations. Elevate your style with this season’s trendiest cuts, infusing your wardrobe with rock ‘n’ roll energy. Explore the limitless possibilities and make a statement with our exceptional leather jackets.

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Elevate your everyday carry. Unmatched quality, and timeless craftsmanship in every bag.

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our philosophy

Leather jackets are timeless and must-have for every wardrobe whether you are a man or woman. Humans have been wearing leather since the beginning. Generally, it is considered that leather jackets are associated with teens, but this is not the case. Now everyone loves to wear a leather jacket crafted from 100% genuine leather.

At LeatherJackets NZ, we have got layers that would not compromise your outfit. All our products are made from 100% genuine sheep leather. We only use branded accessories to give your jacket a premium look with comfort, style, and quality.

Go for a clean, simple jacket, or pick one that matches your personality and beat the cold. Browse Leather Jackets NZ edit of men and women from biker to coat, waistcoat, aviator, and more, we got you covered with all the on-trend styles and fashion.

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Leather Jacket NZ handcrafted jackets are a vibe.  Made from premium sheep leather, our core values are branded hardware and attention to detail. Today our jackets are more than outerwear. The journey from essentials to fashion staples through quality craftsmanship and classic design is a testimony to the timeless appeal. No matter what the season or occasion, Leather Jackets NZ has it all. There is no better time to put on a leather jacket; you can wear them throughout the year, it’s an all-weather fashion statement no matter what season.

At Leather Jackets NZ we have a vast collection to elevate your layering wardrobe. Throw on some class with our leather jacket collection with immense swag. Let your second skin do the talking.