Warm, stylish, and designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions – meet our collection of women’s puffer jackets. Crafted with an outer shell fabric of 100% polyester, these jackets are not only durable but also smooth to the touch, ensuring that style never compromises comfort.

At the heart of our jackets is the insulation – a luxurious blend of 90% white duck down and 10% feather. This high-quality filling acts as a barrier against the cold, regulating body temperature and keeping you warm no matter what the weather throws at you.

But warmth and durability aren’t all we offer. Our women’s puffer jackets come in a vibrant palette of colors, including black, brown, pink, silver, white, baby blue, and olive. With such a variety of hues, you’re sure to find a jacket that not only keeps you cozy but also perfectly complements your winter wardrobe.

Experience the perfect blend of fashion and functionality with our women’s puffer jackets. They’re more than just a piece of clothing – they’re your armor against the cold, your statement of style, and your ultimate winter companion.

Stay warm and stylish on the chilly day and nights with our finest quality women’s puffer jacket filled with original duck down. Free shipping in New Zealand.